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Phylum Nematoda


Our intention is to encourage genome sequencing across the diversity of the phylum Nematoda.

Published complete nematode genomes


A dynamically generated table of all species for which the genome is published.

Nematode species with genomes in progress


A dynamically generated table of all species for which a genome project is underway. Add your species to the list

Proposed nematode genome projects


To propose a species for genome sequencing, edit its species page, and set the genome project status to "proposed".


BLAST server


Search a number of the nematode-genomes-in-progress with genes of your choice. Currently we have 12 draft genomes available...


Genomes with Data available


Genomes with data available for download. Please add more data URLs to strain pages or update the URLs if you spot any changes.

Welcome to 959 Nematode Genomes

This collaborative wiki collates information on completed, ongoing and planned genome and transcriptome sequencing projects on species from phylum Nematoda.

Please do:

  • browse the information available, and get involved with these projects
  • add details of new species for which genome projects are underway or planned - use this form
  • add details of species for which you would like to promote genome projects - use this form

Thanks Our inspiration for this wiki is the Arthropod Genomes site set up by Daniel Lawson and colleages.

This SemanticMediaWiki was set up by Sujai Kumar (97%) and Mark Blaxter (3%).